The Revelation of the Son of God in the Old Testament

reprinted with permission from the Gospel Advocate Donnie L. DeBord, M.Div., ThM. Photo by Wendy van Zyl on When Scripture describes Jesus as the Son of God, we are not being told that Jesus was created by the Father or that the Father begat the Son in the same way that human children are … Continue reading The Revelation of the Son of God in the Old Testament

How do we go from son of man to Son of Man??

Daniel 7             The phrase “son of man” refers to those who are human. Just as the phrase “Son of God” refers to the Word who is of the same nature with the Father. But in Daniel 7, the phrase “son of man” becomes the “Son of Man.”  The Setting of the Vision Breaking the chronology … Continue reading How do we go from son of man to Son of Man??


When we try to imagine what God is like, we will always create an image that we can understand. This creation of our imagination is far below the reality of God. In fact, it may be that one reason God forbade the creation of images to represent him for worship is that God is, in … Continue reading THE INCOMPREHENSIBLE GOD FOR INCOMPREHENSIBLE PROBLEMS


Should Apollinarianism be revised? The hypostatic union will remain a mystery, but Chalcedonian Christology provided a reliable safeguard to understand the nature of the union of the divine and human natures in Christ. J. P. Moreland and William Lane Craig have argued that Apollinarianism could be revised and then become the appropriate Christological model. Despite … Continue reading NEO-APOLLINARIANISM?


GENESIS 1:26-27 Justice, at its root, has to do with treating others rightly. But the noble goal of justice demands we ask why people should be treated justly. Why should you be treated justly and why should you treat others justly? Why do you deserve fair treatment?              All people deserve to be treated with justice … Continue reading JUSTICE AND THE IMAGE OF GOD


Photo by Pixabay on Before focusing on systematic theology, it is important to focus on personal sanctification. Calvin began his Institutes with the reality that our knowledge of God is tied to our knowledge of our self. If we would pursue God, we must pursue a true knowledge of ourselves and what we should be like. … Continue reading THEOLOGICAL PREPAREDNESS: PERSONAL SANCTIFICATION

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener On the Other Side

            What would it take for your life to be better? What would have to change? Sometimes, if not most of the time, we think that our lives would be tremendously better if only we could have….that one thing or that one place. Sadly, we learn far too late that the grass is not always greener … Continue reading The Grass Isn’t Always Greener On the Other Side


            Genesis 8:1 begins, “and God remembered.” When the rest of creation had been washed away, God remembered Noah. It is difficult to imagine how Noah and his family must have felt during their “voyage” in the ark. No doubt they were thankful God had spared them and provided them an ark of safety. Still, toward … Continue reading AND GOD REMEMBERED

Apollinarianism and The Incarnation

Apollinarianism is the heresy known by the name of its primary teacher of antiquity--Apollinarius, bishop of Laodicea (310-390). Apollinarius was a close associate of Athanasius who was known as the defender of Nicene Christological orthodoxy. Athanasius is primarily remembered for his doctrine of the incarnation and defense of the doctrine against Arius who taught Jesus … Continue reading Apollinarianism and The Incarnation