Be Ye Kind to One Another

Monday, March 27th marked another display of the inhumane actions humans can carry out. After each of these tragedies, we asked why. The specific “why” may never be known in any of these situations, but these inhumanities are brought about by previous inhumanities. Sin spreads and magnifies itself until it overwhelms. Why would we allow meanness … Continue reading Be Ye Kind to One Another

Where Are We Going?

Church, where are we going? When we discuss the need for church leadership, where do we expect these people to lead us? Sometimes, we settle for leadership, which helps the church grow. Sometimes, we settle for church leadership, which helps individuals and families become healthier. These are all good things, but are they the ultimate … Continue reading Where Are We Going?

To Destroy or Save: The Power of Words

Before the beginning of time, the Son was described as the Word (Jn. 1). At the appointed time, the Word was sent to the world to be the embodied revelation of God. As the Son came into the world he was life, grace, and truth. Through the incarnation which was a divine communication–the sharing of … Continue reading To Destroy or Save: The Power of Words

All Peace No Drama

“What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you?” (James 4:1).             Drama devastates. Peace is builds. Drama keeps finding its way into our lives. Sometimes congregations can develop a gift for cultivating drama, remembering drama, and dwindling because of the drama.             … Continue reading All Peace No Drama

Why Omni? The Attributes of the Infinite God

            Since God is a se or independent in his existence, perfect, simple, and infinite, then he must have all good attributes without measure and without weakness. These foundational doctrines of God’s nature form the foundation of the more familiar attributes such as omniscience and omnipresence. The omni—ness of God is the result of his … Continue reading Why Omni? The Attributes of the Infinite God

How Can I Describe?: Analogical Language

“Surely, his infinity ought to make us afraid to try to measure him by our own senses. Indeed, his spiritual nature forbids our imagining anything earthly or carnal of him…. For who even of slight intelligence does not understand that, as nurses commonly do with infants, God is wont in a measure to “lisp” in … Continue reading How Can I Describe?: Analogical Language

Mystery and Methodology: Thinking About God and Worship

Up now, slight man! flee, for a little while, thy occupations; hide thyself, for a time, from thy disturbing thoughts. Cast aside, now, thy burdensome cares, and put away thy toilsome business. Yield room for some little time to God; and rest for a little time in him. Enter the inner chamber of thy mind; … Continue reading Mystery and Methodology: Thinking About God and Worship