MY CHRISTIAN PRIVILEGE “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations”; Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” These are the last words Jesus spoke to his disciples, and they “went everywhere preaching the Word.” Paul wrote, ‘Yes, verily their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the … Continue reading MY CHRISTIAN PRIVILEGE

Won’t it be Wonderful There

Won't it be Wonderful There? Revelation 21:1-8 Introduction to the Scripture: Imagine a young girl named Mary who was born blind. After doing much research on the best eye doctors and latest procedures, her parents brought her to a hospital in Europe overlooking the Alps. After waiting through the operation, the parents wait with Mary … Continue reading Won’t it be Wonderful There

What is it Like When Jesus Comes Into Your Life?

What is it Like When Jesus Comes into Your Life? Matthew 21:1-17 INTRODUCTION TO THE SCRIPTURE: What will is it like when Jesus comes into your life? It is more than a funny feeling. It is more than a prayer. It is more than an act of obedience. It is a submission to him as … Continue reading What is it Like When Jesus Comes Into Your Life?

Following Christ in the New Birth

Following Christ in the New Birth 1 Peter 2 Following God through the new birth--1 Peter 2:1-3 "Seeing that ye are born again of an incorruptible seed, be not again entangled in evil, which “has no substantial being, but is an acting in contrariety to the being formed in us” [Theophylact]. Put away the old … Continue reading Following Christ in the New Birth

Wisdom Contrasted with Folly

Contrast of the Wicked and Righteous Proverbs 10 Wickedness and Righteousness in the Family--Proverbs 10:1-5 It is impossible to estimate the tremendous influence which children have on the happiness of their parents. The unfortunate thing about it is that the children are the last to realize it. They are entrusted with the happiness of their … Continue reading Wisdom Contrasted with Folly

Problems with Premillennialism

Premillennialism is a doctrine that gives attention to events which are supposed to occur before the 1000 year reign of Christ on this physical earth. This doctrine is in conflict with several simple Bible doctrines and therefore cannot be true. This article will point out several of the simple Bible doctrines which are in conflict … Continue reading Problems with Premillennialism

The Wedding of the Ages

THE MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB AND HIS BRIDE Revelation 19:9-21 INTRODUCTION TO THE SCRIPTURE: Marriages of Jesus' time were typically preceded by a lengthy engagement. During this engagement the wife would have complete legal rights as a wife, but the couple would not live together or share a home together. This image is invoked as … Continue reading The Wedding of the Ages

I Must Be Baptized

I MUST BE BAPTIZED I must be baptized because I want to do what Jesus did--Matthew 3:13-17. I must be baptized because Jesus commanded it--Matthew 28:19-20. I must be baptized because Jesus said baptism precedes salvation--Mark 16:16. I must be baptized because Jesus said I must be born again--John 3:3, 5. I must be baptized … Continue reading I Must Be Baptized