Wisdom Contrasted with Folly

Contrast of the Wicked and Righteous
Proverbs 10

Wickedness and Righteousness in the Family–Proverbs 10:1-5

It is impossible to estimate the tremendous influence which children have on the happiness of their parents. The unfortunate thing about it is that the children are the last to realize it.
They are entrusted with the happiness of their parents. After receiving from them life, food, shelter, innumerable good things and a watchful, tender love throughout, they have it in their power to make bright the evening of their father’s and mother’s life, or to cloud it with a deep, dark gloom of hopeless misery.

Matthew 6:19
Psalm 37:16-20

Wickedness and Righteousness in the Community–Proverbs 10:6-21

Still, moral character counts for more in common human reputation than the cynical are ready to admit. At all events, in that inner circle where a man would most care for his reputation this takes its right place. If it is better to be loved at home than to be admired abroad, it is better to leave a fragrant memory for goodness in one’s own circle than to leave sorrow in the home and to reap grand funeral honors in the outside world. It is remarkable to observe how fair is the verdict of history. A hypocrite may deceive his contemporaries. He can rarely deceive future generations.

Psalm 39:1 & James 1:26
Hoseah 4:6

Wickedness and Righteousness in the End–Proverbs 10:22:-32

Our views of the future can only be safely depended on when they are determined by what we know of God. The future is in his hands. So, of course, is the present. But it is only in the course of a long time that the modifying influence of temporary accidents is removed and great general laws exert their full force. What will then happen we cannot tell by only investigating present phenomena, because of the confusion of transient influences. We must study the character of God. Then we shall be constrained to exclaim, “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?” Because God is just, justice must be the ultimate outcome of all things. Through all time God is surely working on to this end. We are deceived by the tardiness of the process, yet this very tardiness is effecting the more complete final result.
“The mills of God grind slowly,
But they grind exceeding small.”

Matthew 7:24-25
Psalm 37:9-11

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