Givers and Takers

Matthew 26:1-16

“Make me a servant. Lord make me like you. You are a servant, Lord make me one too.” Our Lord said, “it is better to give than to receive”, yet one of the most common questions asked is “what is in it for me?”. Christians cannot be given into the mentality of the “Me Generation”. We must become servants of the Lord and his church. If we are to follow Christ, we must abandon greed and become Godly givers.

I. Greedy
A. The chief priests and elders were concerned with their position–Matthew 26:3-5.
1. They were concerned with what they had–26:3-4
2. They were concerned with what their favor among the people–26:5
B. Greed is defined as an intense and selfish desire for something.
1. Sin comes when our desires get out of control.
2. Worldliness is seen in the “lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life” This is not from the Father, but the world–1 John 2:16.
C. Greed is condemned throughout the Scriptures:
1. 1 Corinthians 5:11
2. 2 Peter 2:3
3. 2 Peter 2:14
4. Titus 1:7
D. We must learn to sing “None of Self and all of Thee” instead of “All of Self and
None of Thee”.

II. Generous
A. Generous hearts plan to give–Matthew 26:1-2
1. Planning requires setting a goal
2. Planning also requires making preparations.
B. Generous hearts are eager to give–Matthew 26:6-13
1. 2 Corinthians 8:1-7
2. Ezra 2:69
3. Romans 8:32
4. 1 Timothy 2:6
5. Sometimes our intellect must yield to our emotions–Luke 21:1-4.
C. Generous hearts are truly following Christ’s example.
1. Romans 9:23
2. Romans 10:12
3. Romans 11:33
4. Ephesians 2:7

Allow yourself to yield to Christ. Make him your Lord and live for him. Giving yourself away to his service will be the best thing that ever happened to your life.

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