If we are to trust God completely, we must trust God to protect and provide perfectly. Nebuchadnezzar asked, “who is that god that shall deliver thee out of my hands?” (Daniel 3:15). Daniel 3 presents a challenge to the power and faithfulness of God and the same challenges to His people. As God’s people today, let us bear the image of God in faithfulness and trust as we live out His will for our lives.

I. Temptation made available–Daniel 3:1-7
A. Idol was made
1. Anything that takes the place of God.
2. Anything that is worshiped instead of God.
3. Anything that comes between you and God.
B. Pressure was made.
1. Social pressures
2. Political pressures
3. Threat to their lives
C. Sin was made.
1. The presentation of temptation led to the creation of transgression.
2. God allows temptation to be made available.
3. Temptation being available is necessary to true free-will.

II. Temptation was refused–Daniel 3:8-18
A. Their faith got them noticed.
B. Their faith made them stand firm respectfully.
C. Their faith earned them a reputation.
D. Their faithfulness got them in trouble with men, but honor with God.
E. Their faith was exemplary.

III. Temptation was removed–Daniel 3:19-30
A. God is present with his people–Isaiah 7-9
B. God is the protecter of his people–Daniel 3:22 & Psalm 23
C. God is praised by his people–Psalm 111; Psalm 100

After seeing what good can come when God’s people trust and obey, we must think of what good can be done when we trust and obey today. By way of application, let us further study how temptation so that we may overcome it and honor God by faithfulness.
1. Hebrews 4:15–Christ was tempted, but remained faithful to redeem the unfaithful.
2. James 1:13–God cannot be tempted and does not tempt us.
3. Job 1-2–God allows temptation for his own purposes.
4. Matthew 6:13–God promises to help when we pray for protection.
5. 1 Corinthians 10:13–God helps us overcome temptation (Matt. 4).
6. 1 Timothy 6:9–God has warned us of things that will cause temptation.

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