Jesus’ story of the prodigal son is a favorite illustration of the consequences of sin and the glory of grace. The wayward son was welcomed back home. If we could have a record of the remainder of his life, hopefully we would have seen a life of purity and service motivated by the grace which he received.
As the angels rejoice at a sinner’s repentance, the saved receive both blessings and responsibilities as members of God’s family. I Peter 1:18-2:25 examines those blessings of those who have been welcomed home by the Father as well as the responsibilities they have as members of the family.

The Blessings of God’s Family–I Peter 1:17-25.
To call God “Father” means that–1:17.
I will still be judged–1:17.
I will live in fear–1:17
I have been ransomed–1:18-19 (Mark 10:45 & Exodus 12).
I believe in Gods eternal plan–1:20-21 (Eph. 3:8-12).
I have purified myself so that I may enjoy the eternal love of God’s family–1:22-25.

The Responsibilities of a Member of God’s Family–I Peter 2
Since Christians are members of God’s family, they must understand that they always represent the family. Being a representation of God’s family demands consistent Christian conduct.
Since I am a member of God’s family:
I have put away the old worldly way of living–I Peter 2:1 (Gal. 5:16ff).
I am hungry for growth from by the pure spiritual milk–I Peter 2:2-3.
I follow the footsteps of Jesus who was rejected by men but was precious to God–I Peter 2:4-8 (Isaiah 28:16; Psalm 118:22).
I am special to the One who matters–I Peter 2:9-10 (Hosea 1:6; 1:9-10; 2:23; cf. Romans 9:25-26 & 10:19).
I am dedicated to living an honorable life before God and man–I Peter 2:11-12.

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