The world is a dangerous place for brave Christians, yet they may find peace by entrusting their lives to God. “Let those who suffer according to God’s will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good” (1 Peter 4:19).

I. Notice what elders do: “shepherd the flock”; exercise oversight”; “lead by example”; & “look
forward to Jesus.”
II. Notice what the “younger” do: they are “subject to the eldership”; they are “humble”; they
“trust God”.
III. Look at the helpful application of Godly leadership in: mentoring (Matthew 4:19); equipping
(Acts 6:1-7); sending (Acts 13:1-3); & caring (James 5:14-15).
IV. The need for Godly elders giving Biblical leadership is illustrated by the rise and fall of Israel
following the rise and fall of her leaders; the success of the Gospel in various areas which was
focused around Godly leaders and declined when they left; the brokenness of our society which stems from a failure of mothers and fathers to take their leadership roles.

I. We enjoy living by faith when we trust in God. Notice the practical side of trust results in:
being “humble…under the mighty hand of God”; being “exalted by God”; “casting all your cares
upon him”; being “sober-minded”; being “watchful”; “resisting the devil”; and knowing that God
will “restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish” His people.
II. We see this trust in God applied by great heroes of faith: Jesus (Luke 23:46, cf Psalm 31:3-5);
David (1 Samuel 17:37); the apostles (Acts 5:17-21; 29-32). This same trust is required of us
in small things (Matthew 6:25-34) and in big things (Revelation 2:10).
III. One of the great illustrations of trust in God is recorded in Matthew 14:22-33. Peter knew Jesus was able to do the impossible. Peter desired to walk with God and did so. However, trust in God is destroyed by living by sight and not by faith. It is only when we completely rely upon him that we can say we truly trust him.

“You can trust and rest in God simply because He has said, you may and you must” (Beecher).
Entrusting our life to God leads to action rather than pacifism–Psalm 37:5 and Matthew 10:29.

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