Let us approach the Bible as both soldiers and scholars.  Let us be scholars in what the mission of the early church and also serve as soldiers following the same book as our guide.
God would have us to be prepared.  Before we can begin to march beside the ancient soldiers of the cross in our study of the book of Acts, we must first be prepared for the journey.  The first chapter of Acts is about that preparation which is necessary to begin but also serves as nourishment until our own battles are over.
Preparation for service begins in the promises of God.  The promises of God are fulfilled in Christ and revealed to us in the Scriptures.  When soldiers of Christ march onward into service, it is imperative that they stand on the solid ground of God’s promises.  Notice the solid ground upon which Christians stand even today.
  1. Christians stand on the record of all that Jesus did and taught–1:1.
  2. Christians stand on the commands given to the apostles through the Holy Spirit–1:2.
  3. Christians stand on the evidence for the resurrection of Christ–1:3.
  4. Christians stand on the work of the Holy Spirit exercised through the apostles–1:4-5.
Christian friends never forget there is a goal in our service.  That goal is Heaven.  Ministry (whether you minister as a preacher, elder, teacher, parent, etc.,) will be both amazing and discouraging.  Read through the life of Moses, Joshua, Ezra, Nehemiah, and the apostles who saw great things happen but also struggled with disappointments.  Keep your eyes on Heaven and you will keep your chin up. 
  1. Focus on the spiritual kingdom–1:6-7.
    1. The church is the kingdom
    2. Matthew 16:16-18
    3. 1 Corinthians 15:24
  2. Focus on spreading the Gospel message–1:8
  3. Focus on the ascension of Christ, his return, and our resurrection–1:9-11
You are not alone.  There are 110 people in the book of Acts.  God gave us the church so that we could serve him together.  Christ is the head of his church, and Christians are his hands and feet.  The work is accomplished as the head uses the body.  We rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.  When one is absent, he is missed.  Judas sin and demise left an empty place among the disciples which had to be filled.  Let us, therefore, understand how important it is to stick together.
  1. The early church was together and each one was important–1:13. 
  2. The early church was devoted to praying together–1:14.
  3. The early church was committed to teamwork–1:15-20.
  4. The early church was committed to qualifications–1:21-22.
  5. The early church recognized their fellowship was based upon God–1:23-26.
Let us be prepared for God’s service.  With the adequate and excellent preparation which God has provided in the Scriptures, we may perform his service on earth and see his glory for ever in Heaven.

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