Yahweh is the Creator God who has invaded history. The Passover; the Exodus; the incarnation; the Crucifixion; and Resurrection have demanded a response of praise to God from His ransomed people. The roots of our English word “worship” go back to a Saxon/English word “weorthscipe,” which means “worthship” or “worthiness”.
The Hebrew language has no word which is exactly equivalent to “worship”. The Hebrew people described the act as “to serve” or to “prostrate oneself”. Greek has the word “προσκυνέω” (proskuneo) which most closely resembles our word “worship”. Greek authors also utilized the word “λατρεία” (latreia) which refers to service and is the root of our English word “liturgy”. “Worship, then, is the dramatic celebration God in His supreme worth in such a manner that His ‘worthiness’ becomes the norm and inspiration of human living” (ISBE Vol. 4: 1118).
Christian worship is carried out by singing (Eph. 5:19); praying (1 Tim. 2); giving 1 Cor. 8:1-2); the Lord’s Supper (Matt. 26:26-28); and preaching 2 Tim. 4:1-4). God’s expectations for worship are the motive behind the Corinthian correspondence and 2 Timothy. Worship is important in the eyes of God and should be regarded as the most sacred of times for God’s people.
Worship has changed much since the days of Christ. The song service has evolved from what could be described as “Gregorian chant” to various styles of song today. These styles are largely unimportant and do not affect the heart and structure of worship. Other changes, such as instrumental music and women worship leaders, are in direct conflict with God’s decree. Sermon styles have changed as well. The Sermon on the Mount an be delivered in less than 13 minutes. Many Puritan preachers once taught that no doctrine could be expounded in less than two hours. The time is not of the essence in preaching. Exposition and application and retention are the foundations of effective homiletics.
Let us refocus upon the heart and work of God. While focused on God, worship will. E inevitable and Scriptural.

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