Love Gospel Meetings

“Gospel Meetings are a thing of the past”. I have heard it said too much. Gospel meetings are a thing for those who love the Gospel. Gospel Meetings are a thing for those who love “Gospel People”. Gospel Meetings are a thing for those who love Gospel preaching. Gospel Meetings are a thing for those who love Gospel preachers. Gospel Meetings are a thing for those who love Gospel opportunities.

Look at Some “Gospel Meetings” in the Bible

The book of Romans was written in anticipation of a “Gospel Meeting” which Paul wanted to have. He said, “So as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the gospel to you who are at Rome also” (Romans 1:15).

The book of Acts begins with a great “Gospel Meeting” in Acts 2. Then God arranged for a “Gospel Meeting” between Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8:26-29; Paul and Ananias in Acts 9:6, 10; and Peter and Cornelius in Acts 10:24, 33.

One Legendary Gospel Meeting

In the “Gospel Advocate” dated March 22, 1894, David Lipscomb explains one reason why he’s calling attention to the 6 month long “meeting” that T. B. Larimore was then conducting at Sherman, Texas. 
The purpose of his report, Lipscomb said “is simply to use this meeting as the basis of an appeal to preachers and churches everywhere to do more preaching. It pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save folks, and the means of salvation ought to be vigorously operated night and day as long as there are people to save.”  Brother Larimore described the meeting this way:

We are just beginning to get things loosened up at the roots. The interest is increasing every day. You are anxious to know how I am holding up. I am well. Nothing can be better for me than to preach twice every day and three times on Sunday–unless it is to preach three times “every day and Sunday too.” My voice? It’s all right. Length of sermons? Fifty minutes–entire service, seventy minutes. When is the meeting to close? No mortal knows. Subjects and material for sermons? The Bible is full of them. Its treasures are simply inexhaustible. Study? That I do. I am not only studying, but learning–learning rapidly every day. I see new beauties in the Bible every day, and am simply astonished at at the sweet, sublime simplicity of God’s eternal truth. Exhaust the Bible themes, and thoughts, and truths, at this rate, after a while? Yes, when the swallows drink the ocean dry. What books do I consult? The Bible, Webster’s Dictionary, and the Bible–these three, and no more. How long to I propose to fight on this line? Till mustered out of service. Texas is glorious country. Sherman is a good, growing town. Young and old are standing by me bravely in this fight. May the Lord forever bless them all. We are having a pleasant meeting–not wild, bewildering excitement, but a genuine revival, the effects of which will last till time shall be no more–a sacred school, where a thousand pupils are learning the word, the will, and the way of the Lord. I have a perfect home, where every wish is gratified.

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