God and Morality

Everyone has concepts of “fairness”, “responsibility”, and other moral judgments which govern cultures. Almost without exception we expect individuals, groups, companies, and countries to behave “decently”. But why do all cultures have moral expectations?  

These moral actions and responsibilities require more than what the natural world can produce. Without God, there is no point of reference for “good” or “bad”. Without God actions could only be described as moral preferences. However, because God is the ultimate standard there are objective moral standards. 
Morality is based upon God’s character. Moral laws are, in fact, ways in which the character of God is described.  We might say: 

  • We are aware of objective moral laws which describe “good” and “bad”. 
  • Objective moral laws demand an objective law giver. 
  • Therefore, there must be a supreme moral lawgiver–God. 

Any “ought” must come from above. Because it describes what should be done and not what is currently being done.  

But what happens when we live outside what we ought to do?  Is it not to reject God’s rule over our lives? Is it not an attempt for us to supplant God in his role of ruler over the universe?  

If we are to honor God, we must agree with His law by our words and works. In so doing we proclaim Him and honor Him. 

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