The Church is Great

The church is great! There will always be the potential for improvement in our work for the Lord in the local church. However, the divine arrangement and function of the church is perfect. Let us never be overwhelmed with grief arising from Christian imperfection. Let us always be overwhelmed with greatness flowing from God’s blessing … Continue reading The Church is Great

The Sinful World and the Saving God

God created the world and said it was very good. The creation that was formed was corrupted by sin’s presence—Genesis 3; Romans 8:18-25. It was not what God intended for it to be. Mankind is the pinnacle of God’s creation. It is also mankind that, perhaps, had fallen the furthest from its original intent. But … Continue reading The Sinful World and the Saving God

International Christian Women’s Day

I don’t know who is behind International Women’s Day, but I do know that Christian women deserve a day. The Bible records a most beautiful description and praise of Godly women in Proverbs 31:10ff. I have know some great preachers, great deacons, and other great christian men. But I imagine that great Christian women are … Continue reading International Christian Women’s Day