The Church is Great

The church is great! There will always be the potential for improvement in our work for the Lord in the local church. However, the divine arrangement and function of the church is perfect. Let us never be overwhelmed with grief arising from Christian imperfection. Let us always be overwhelmed with greatness flowing from God’s blessing and design.
God always had the church as an essential element of his work on earth—Ephesians 3:11. God spoke of his church as an eternal kingdom—Daniel 7:13-14. The church is so valuable that Jesus death was required to purchase it—Acts 20:28. The church is so powerful that God works through it on earth—Ephesians 3:21. The church is so special because Jesus only built one—Matthew 16:18. The church is so valuable that we must fight for its unity—Ephesians 4:3. The church is so wonderful that it will be Heaven in eternity—John 14:1-4.
We thank God for the great church which he has blessed us with, entrusted to our care, and in which we participate with Him. Thank God every day for his church. Demonstrate your thankfulness by honoring him in dedication and service to your home congregation.

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