How to Have A Happy Life #3

How to have a happy life. The blessed life is promised by God and he has shown us the filters through which we can make the best decision possible. But those decisions must bed put into action. The First Step The first step in putting good decisions info action is called repentance in the Bible. … Continue reading How to Have A Happy Life #3

Great Relationships

God intends for us to go through life together. He created marriage and family (Genesis 2.18; 4.1-2). God also planned the church which was purchased by the blood of His own Son (Acts 20:28). The word “church” or “ekklessia” refers to “a regularly summoned legislative body, assembly” (BDAG Greek Lexicon) at its most basic usage. … Continue reading Great Relationships


Jesus came to offer us the abundant life (John 10:10). The word Jesus used which is translated “abundant” has to do with things which are “extraordinary.” One of the greatest sermons ever preached begins by telling us how to be blessed (Matthew 5:3-12). This word usage is defined as “privileged recipient of divine faThis “happy” … Continue reading HOW TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE