Why Should We Study the Bible?

Our age is one of short communications. Social media limits discussion to 140 characters at most on Twitter. Many have reduced their reading to memes on instagram or Facebook. 

So why should we study the Bible? What right do we have to insist others study their Bibkes?  The availability of the Bible is greater than at any time in history but Biblical illiteracy is also at its highest level. 

In order to cultivate a love for Bible study and inspire a love of Bible study on others, we must focus on the many blessings of Bible study.   

All Scripture, whether examined exegetically in particular texts or categorically within the full scope of the Bible, is spiritually profitable to accomplish at least four divine purposes (2 Tim. 3:16): 1. For establishing “teaching” or doctrine, that is, God’s inspired self disclosure about himself, his created world, and his redemptive plan to save and sanctify sinners 2. For confrontation or “reproof” of sin, whether in the form of false teaching or disobedient living 3. For “correction” of error in thinking and behaving so that the repentant one can be restored to the place of pleasing God 4. For “instruction” so that believers can be habitually trained to practice the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ—sinning less and obeying more Scripture provides the only complete, wholly accurate, and trustworthy teaching about God, and it will sufficiently accomplish these four things for equipping “the man of God” (2 Tim. 3:17). (John MacArthur Biblical Doctrine). 

Among our greatest treasures are our precious memories. The memory of those people and truths who have shaped our lives. These blessings are priceless. Likewise, our time spent with the God of Heaven through the Bible we hold in our hands is the most precious blessing we can experience.

Let us cherish and develop a greater appreciation for our time with God and learning from God through fruitful Bible study. 

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