Gospel Meetings

T. B. Larimore Gospel Meeting Flier

Gospel meetings are great things! I love what we call “Gospel Meetings.” They may be called Gospel Meetings, protracted meetings (in days gone by), Gospel efforts, series of meetings, or Revivals by some. Whatever you want to call them, I love them. These special efforts are wonderful opportunities for edification and evangelism for the entire congregation to glorify God and personally enjoy.

I realized that we have a Gospel Meeting every day. Every morning we encounter the Gospel call. We are all always called by the Gospel (2 Thessalonians 2:14). Our Bibles are calling to be read. God is calling for a special time in prayer. The world is calling for the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Christ. The church is calling to be built up through the encouragement of the Gospel. Our immortal souls call to be and remain saved through the Gospel.

Every time we participate in some spiritual activity, we have met with the Gospel. Every time we refuse to or neglect to participate in Christian activities, we have refused to meet with the Gospel. How many “Gospel meetings” will you have today? How will you respond to those Gospel meetings? How will your life be changed by your own Gospel meetings today?

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