New Steps

We are thankful for the renovations which have been achieved in our physical church building in the last few months. One of the latest and greatest renovation is the reworking of the steps leading to our baptistery. We are all thankful for the great work to make baptisms more accessible for us all.

While the steps leading to our baptistery have been reworked, God’s plan of salvation never changes, it never needs renovation, and it never needs reworking. God created mankind in his own image. However, mankind chose to believe a lie and depart from God rather than remain safe within his care. This event in Genesis 3 records the entrance of sin into the world and all the negative ramifications which followed. While mankind was warned of sin’s consequences, God was eternally aware of what would occur and had a plan to save mankind.

God’s eternal plan demanded the perfect sacrifice of Jesus. In that sacrifice on the cross, Jesus paid the ransom and endured the wrath of God which made peace between sinful man and restored the relationship between mankind and God as the sacrifice is accepted by individuals. The sacrifice of Jesus and the invitation of our Lord to come and be born again remains the same. Just as Peter preached “repent and be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins” (Acts 2:38), we continue preach the same Gospel message with the same Gospel hope.

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