The problem with mirrors is that they force us to see ourselves. Now some mirrors reflect your appearance differently. Funhouse mirrors can make you look tall, short, wide, or narrow. Instagram and Facebook have different filters that can make you appear a thousand different ways. While those mirrors can be fun for a while, we … Continue reading Mirrors

Look Up

The horrible weather has a lot of people down. The hurricanes in the south have been devastating for many families and businesses. With all the storms coming and the water rising, thousands have been fleeing to higher ground for safety. Thankfully, there was safety to be found. Over one hundred souls have agreed to Bible … Continue reading Look Up


Family is essential. God has designed mankind to be a part of a family. We each need family to care for us in infancy; guide our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth; support the transitions into adulthood; help with raising children; and finally care in old age. How sad it is that this support system … Continue reading VALUE OF FAMILY & FAMILY VALUES