SchiaNO and Quality

This Sunday was the wildest day in SEC history. John Currie, Tennessee’s athletic director, tried to hire a head coach–Ohio State’s defensive coordinator Shiano. What followed was amazing the Tennessee fan base stood up for quality.

One problem was that Coach Shiano doesn’t have a great record (or not even a good record). That isn’t any way to appeal to a fan base which is hungry for success. But the lack of great football skills wasn’t the problem. The real problem was Schiano’s past.

Several years ago Schiano witnessed other coaches abusing minors. He said nothing. He kept quiet to keep his place secure. That was the problem.

He must be blameless

When God described the men who would serve as pastors of his church, he described them as being blameless (1 Timothy 3:2). Furthermore, he must be “well thought of by outsiders (1 Timothy 3:7).

Integrity is essential to leadership. If the leader falls to temptation, the followers will–follkow. If the leaders also not display the highest morality, then the followers will be more apathetic.

A football coach needs to have the highest character because he is shaping young men into who they should be. It’s more than just football. It’s about life.

The leaders of congregations must display sterling character. It’s not just about life, it’s about eternity.

Give approval to those who…

Schiano didn’t do anything wrong himself, some would say. But, in reality he did. He allowed something to happen. In not standing against a problem, you are enabling the problem. God described it this way: “Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them” (Romans 1:32).

What sins will we approve of by not standing against them? What will we overlook in our friends simply because they are our friends? Should we not be like Paul who withstood Peter to his face because he stood condemned for marching out of step with the Gospel?

Quality YES

Quality matters. The highest levels of competition demand the highest levels of quality. The highest aspiration of mankind is to be a Christian. To be a Christian, to be a Christian minister, demands the highest expectations from oneself.

Our gracious Father, be merciful and patient. We a hope to be your servants. We deserve your wrath. Hide us in the cross of your Son, in whose name we pray,

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