You Noticed That Too? The Regulative Principle of Worship

"But the acceptable way of worshiping the true God is instituted by himself, and so limited by his own revealed will, that he may not be worshipped according to the imaginations and devices of men, or the suggestions of Satan, under any visible representation, or any other way not prescribed in the holy Scripture." - Westminster … Continue reading You Noticed That Too? The Regulative Principle of Worship

The Transfiguration (with thoughts from Spurgeon)

“Far from my thoughts, vain world, begone! Let my religious hours alone; Fain would my eyes my Saviour see: I wait a visit, Lord, from thee. “My heart grows warm with holy fire, And kindles with a pure desire; Come, my dear Jesus, from above, And feed my soul with heavenly love.” “The transformation that … Continue reading The Transfiguration (with thoughts from Spurgeon)

A New Name

Just this morning Walmart announced that they will shorten their official name to simply Walmart. The retail behemoth with more than 11,700 locations around the world announced Wednesday that it will shorten its legal name to Walmart Inc. The move highlights the company’s shift away from building traditional stores toward competing online with rival … Continue reading A New Name