What Are You Carrying?

We all make choices about what we are going to carry with us all day. I carry a pocket Bible, my wallet, my phone, usually a pocket knife, keys, pens, and maybe some loose change around just about every day. That is starting to sound like a lot. I can’t carry everything I would like to have with me all the time without going the “man bag” route. So decisions have to be made. When does the weight of a thing justify having to carry it around all day?

I also carry a lot on my mind–probably too much. You probably are carrying way too much too. We ultimately have to choose between carrying negative “stuff” or positive “stuff”. I don’t have much room for the negative “stuff” anymore. It just weighs too much. I’ve noticed that I often just dump all that negative “stuff” on unsuspecting people anyway. Funny thing is that they usually dump it back on me. Who wants to live that way?

Why would we want to carry the weight of broken relationships when we could put them down and regain friends to build us up? Why would we choose to carry a broken heart? Why would we choose to carry problems for years ago? Wouldn’t it be better to lay all that down?

The positive “stuff” doesn’t way anywhere near as much. In fact, positive “stuff’ is like helium and picks you up. When you are carrying all that good “stuff” around all day, people will help you with whatever. You can share your good stuff with them, and they will share some good stuff back with you. Doesn’t that sound better? You probably have someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time because you share bad “stuff” with them. Why? Don’t let that bad “stuff” kill you and rob you of your friendship.

Christian friend, there can’t be any room in your mind for bad “stuff” anymore. We know Jesus. Jesus knows us! We are saved! We get to be with Jesus forever! Carry the weight of glory with you.

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