Let All the Earth Keep Silence Before Him.

The God of Heaven came down to us. He lived among us. He allowed us to see his glory. He endured our punishment in his own body. He allows us to call on him. He speaks tonus through his Word. God came near.

In just a few moments, I plan to preach what happened after Jesus was raised from the dead–how I must respond. Preaching any text is humbling. Preaching any text about Jesus is amazing. Preaching his death, his burial, and his resurrection is indescribable. It should cause us to remember the respect and reverence with which we should approach him.

Jesus is fully divine. Jesus is our Creator. Jesus is our Judge. Jesus is the atoning sacrifice for our sins. To personally come before hin, to be in his presence should cause us to fall back in reverence, but to lead his people in the study of his greatness makes us to fall down and beg for mercy.

Let us always remember who he is. Remember who we are. Remember reverence and dignity before him.

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