On Making Disciples for Church Leaders

“Go and make disciples”is Jesus’ great command for us. But what is the best way to make disciples?


This process begins with evangelism. Pray for and purposely look for evangelistic opportunities with seekers. Teach them about Jesus. Teach them about salvation. Teach them about the church.


After their conversion the disciples need to be disciples. They need to learn. They need opportunities to serve. They need opportunities to teach what they know. This is where difficulty arrises for many of us.

The very first time I ever preached regularly I preached, led the prayers, taught the class, led communion, and led the singing. It easily could have been my show. That’s not the best thing for the church. Ministers, even though you may be able to do everything better than everyone else, you need to let them do it. Why? Because that is part of making disciples.


Although we may not want to admit it, we are all leaving our posts. We may expire, retire, or we may be relieved. Either way, someone else will be leading our congregation and filling our pulpits. Are we helping them to be ready? Are we taking all the glory for ourselves? Let’s train the next generation for God’s glory by training them and giving them great opportunities now.

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