Too Much Change?

This is a season of changes. Leaves and temperatures are always changing. But our God never changes. The fact that God never changes is called Divine Immutability.

“What is God’s immutability?
That perfection in God whereby He is exalted above all becoming and development, as well as above all diminution, and remains the same eternally.” Vos in Reformed Dogmatics

God doesn’t change. He can’t change. God cant improve. He is always the very best possible. God cant be less than perfect. If he was diminished, he would not be God. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow ( Hebrews 13:8).

His unchangeable character is good for at least two reasons. First, because God is always the greatest good upon which we may focus and praise. No element or individual or another spectacle will ever compare with the glory of our God. We should always be mindful of him and be praising him.

God’s unchangeable character is also good because we always know we can expect the best of God. Our God is not temperamental like the pagan deities (Malachi 3:6). Our God is not going to be found sleeping or too busy for us. He is always the best. We can always count on his perdecred goodness. Every good and perfect gift comes from our immutable God– James 1:27.

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