“Out of Egypt”

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Sometimes it seems we just can’t stay out of trouble. The Old Testament saints couldn’t stay out of Egypt. The great Exodus narrative began with God’s people in Egyptian bondage. God’s deliverance of his people from bondage is referred to simply as the Exodus–God’s bringing of his people out of bondage.

Thus the phrase “out of Egypt” became emblematic of God’s redemptive work in the lives of his people (Deuteronomy 26:8). “Egypt” was compared to “the furnace” (1 Kings 8:51). Hosea 11:1 reveals that God called his son (singular form points to Christ?) of Egypt because of his love. The covenant was made when Israel came “out of Egypt.” Psalm 80:8 spoke of the vine which God brought out of Egypt to plant.

Exegetically, there is little reason to suspect the Messiah would have to go down to Egypt and be led out by the Father. However, a journey to and Exodus out of Egypt is a theological necessity for the Messiah as the redemptive head of mankind. Theologically aware interpreters would expect this Exodus by the Messiah. Jesus walked where people walked and corrected all there mistakes. Life was re-lived by the Messiah (recapitulation) so that humanities imperfections could be covered in Christ’s perfections (the active righteousness of Christ).

We are blessed to have such a picturesque description of deliverance in Christ. Christians aren’t freed from bondage in Egypt. Christians are freed from bondage in sin. Praise God that we have Jesus our better Moses (Exodus leader and Covenant lawgiver). Praise God for Jesus who is the better Joshua who will lead us into the Promised Land. Praise God that all our imperfections and frailties are overwhelmed by Christ’s beautiful perfection.

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