Resolute Dependence 

We are making plans to change ourselves and the world for the better in 2019. By the way, can you believe its 2019?! All those goals may be high. How many will last? Very few.
Perhaps our resolutions don’t last very long because we don’t plan how to reach our goals. If you want to lose weight, there has to be a plan. If you’re going to memorize Scripture, you have to have a plan. If you’re going to share Jesus with a lost soul, you need a plan.

The best plan is to plan to depend on Jesus. The Bible says “Without counsel, plans fail, but with many advisers, they succeed” (Prov. 15.22). The Bible is the best of the advisers. In fact, the Bible doesn’t just offer advice; it shows “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (Jn. 14.6). In the Bible, God shows us over and over again to depend on him.

Look at why we should depend on God.

  1. “The preparations of the heart belong to man, But the answer of the tongue is from the Lord” (Prov. 16.1).
  2. “Commit your works to the Lord, And your thoughts will be established” (Prov. 16.3).
  3. “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps” (Prov. 16.9).

Whatever our plans are, they should be for the Lord. Jesus said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” But these plans also depend on the Lord for their fulfillment.

In 2019 you can do great things with God for God.

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