By: Crews Henderson

One of the most powerful things that God ever created was mankind. Within mankind he placed a very vital tool for the growth of the church and that is the human brain. The brain is a complex organ that directs the body in everything it does in its daily life. It tells the legs to walk, it tells the mouth to talk ext., but the most important thing it does is absorb knowledge every second of everyday in the human life.
I like to think of the mind as a fruit bearing tree, but in order for the tree to grow it needs 4 things. Stable foundation (roots), good soil, water, and sunlight. Every tree starts off as a small seed but in order to plant that seed it needs really fertile soil to absorb the nutrients it needs to grow.
Psalms 32:8 says “I WILL INSTRUCT YOU AND TEACH YOU IN THE WAY YOU SHOULD GO; I WILL COUNCIL YOU WITH MY EYE UPON YOU” much as farmers do with their crops they tend to them as often as they can to insure that they grow healthy and fruitful just like we should with each other. The seed represents a small thought. Someone who is curious about the word. We as individuals should help plant that seed of thought in the fertile soil of the curious mind.
2nd Corinthians 2:14 says “BUT THANKS BE TO GOD, WHO IN CHRIST ALWAYS LEADS US IN TRIUMPHAL PROCESSION, AND THROUGH US SPREADS THE FRAGRANCE OF KNOWLEDGE OF HIM EVERYWHERE.” Now that we have helped plant that seed of thought in the fertile soil of the curious mind, we as farmers of the word of God need to help that seed plant its roots and the only way it can do that is with water. Water is much like knowledge the mind. Water mixed with fertile soil gives the seed life much like knowledge gives a curious mind answers to that thought. But with answers comes more questions and the more questions the mind has the hungrier the brain becomes for knowledge.
2nd Peter 3:18 says “BUT GROW IN THE GRACE AND KNOWLEDGE OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. TO HIM BE THE GLORY BOTH NOW AND TO THE DAY OF ETERNITY. AMEN.” Now that the seed of thought has been planted in the fertile soil of the curious mind and has been given the knowledge and substance for the foundational roots to be placed in the fertile soil, a new hunger has taken place. The small plant has started to grow wanting more knowledge and more answers to the questions that keep coming. Now we are to guide that curious and hungry mind down the path it needs to go to grow in a big strong fruitful tree.
Once the mind has enough knowledge we can each help each other to become stronger in Christ much like the little tree. Once it grows big and strong it bears fruit which falls to the earth and plants it’s seeds in the fertile soil to take root and grow more strong fruitful trees like itself.
With just one little curious thought we can take a fertile mind of questions and turn it into a strong fruitful tree of answers

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