The Church in Christ Forever

Aggressive secularism continues to march powerfully across the intellectual and moral landscape of Western civilization. Some wonder if the church can continue in this secular age. Perhaps one might wonder if all the investments made for the church are worth the sacrifice. There have also been theologians who have downplayed the ontological union of Christ … Continue reading The Church in Christ Forever


  God’s creation of the heavens and the earth provides the framework for understanding the entire Biblical narrative. The great themes of the human history begin in Genesis 1-3. The universe was not created just for mankind. It was created for God and mankind to dwell together. Therefore, the Garden of Eden functioned as a … Continue reading GOD’S PRESENCE IN THE GARDEN TEMPLE OF EDEN

Endless Redeeming Love for the Broken World

  Brokenness fills our lives and our culture. Civilization continues to fall victim to brokenness and needs to be redeemed by love. The great struggles of our society are often the same great struggles which keep thousands away from God. The causes of abortion, divorce, abuse, and neglect are connected to the lack of godly … Continue reading Endless Redeeming Love for the Broken World