The Church in Christ Forever

Donnie's Dogmatics

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Aggressive secularism continues to march powerfully across the intellectual and moral landscape of Western civilization. Some wonder if the church can continue in this secular age. Perhaps one might wonder if all the investments made for the church are worth the sacrifice. There have also been theologians who have downplayed the ontological union of Christ and his church. For example, Kung argued that the union of Christ and the church “exists not ontologically and statically, but historically and dynamically.”[1] There are some dispensational premillennialists who at least imply that the church was an interim measure brought about by God because of the Jewish rejection of Christ as the Messiah.[2] Contemporary Christians treat the church as unimportant or a relic from the past. The current neglect of the church by professed Christians and the appeal to keep Jesus without his church demonstrate a…

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