Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand: Immutability

“Time is filled with swift transition” but thankfully we can always hold to God’s unchanging hand. God said, “I the Lord change not” (Mal. 3:6). God is eternally perfect. He does not improve and does not weaken in any way.There is no potential in God. There is nothing about God which is not always perfect. He is always full on active perfection or pure perfect action. There is no variation or shadow of turning with God (Js. 1:17). 

This does not mean that God is stationary or unable to move. His unchanging nature, immutability, means that God is so active that no change could make him more active and that he will never decrease in any way. So we do not worship a God who is stoic or emotionless or disconnected from us. We worship the God who loves us eternally, infinitely, and perfectly because he can do no other. We should be overwhelmed at the fullness of his love. The infinite love shared by the perfect persons of the Trinity created us to share, as best we can, in their full joy. 

We are thankful for God’s unchangeableness (this is called immutability). This aspect of God’s nature reminds us that there is no contingency in this life which God has not foreseen and prepared us for. God is not reacting, he is in control. He doesn’t make a way for me” he has made a way for me. 

This unchanging nature of God is a comfort to Christians is a comfort because his faithfulness eclipses our fickleness. “If we are faithless, he remains faithful—for he cannot deny himself” (2 Tim. 2:13). God’s promises are unchangeable because God is unchangeable. 

Time is filled with swift transition,

Naught of earth unmoved can stand,

Build your hopes on things eternal,

Hold to God’s unchanging hand. 

Trust in Him who will not leave you,

Whatsoever years may bring,

If by earthly friends forsaken

Still more closely to Him cling. 

Covet not this world’s vain riches

That so rapidly decay,

Seek to gain the heav’nly treasures,

They will never pass away. [Refrain]

When your journey is completed,

If to God you have been true,

Fair and bright the home in glory

Your enraptured soul will view

Hold to God’s unchanging hand,

Hold to God’s unchanging hand;

Build your hopes on things eternal,

Hold to God’s unchanging hand. 

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