Preparing for Thanksgiving

The Holiday season is upon us! Is your turkey ready? Dressing made? House cleaned? Travel plans finished? Car ready for travel? Where are your kids? There is work to do. Everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving (and looking forward to Christmas). Are you ready for Thanksgiving? We may have forgotten the most important thing about … Continue reading Preparing for Thanksgiving

What God Hath Joined Together

“There’s nothing worse than being alone.” Although we all like some alone time, we also understand the dangers of loneliness. Our society is hyper-connected through social media and the internet, but those connections are superficial at best and are often harmful. We don’t have to feel alone. Jesus promised his people “I will be with … Continue reading What God Hath Joined Together

What Happened When Jesus Died?

Jesus' sacrifice of himself on the cross is one of the richest moments of history. We could never exhaust everything that God accomplished through Christ on the cross. Herman Bavinck helps us out a bit. Bavinck gave offered a helpful list of what Christ has accomplished for his own glory: What Christ acquired by this … Continue reading What Happened When Jesus Died?

The Moral Impact of the Resurrection in Biblical Theology

The narrative of Scripture provides a beautiful background for understanding the impact of the resurrection. This background is, in part, dependent upon a typological reading of Scripture. The Scriptures should be read typologically because the entire Canon is a unified document from God through his human agents. Berkhof wrote, “As the New Testament is implicit … Continue reading The Moral Impact of the Resurrection in Biblical Theology

The Doctrine of the Church

  “The church is the community of all true believers for all time.”[1]   “Since, however, in our ignorance and sloth (to which I add fickleness of disposition) we need outward helps to beget and increase faith within us, and advance it to its goal, God has also added these aids that he may provide … Continue reading The Doctrine of the Church

Where are We From and Where are We Going?

Photo by Pixabay on The King of Glory24 A Psalm of David.1    The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof,the world and those who dwell therein,2    for he has founded it upon the seasand established it upon the rivers.3    Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord?And who shall stand in his holy place?4    … Continue reading Where are We From and Where are We Going?

Meet The Preacher

Adventures in Preaching

You may know us, but then again you may not. Preachers have a way of hiding behind the pulpit. We can easily be stereotyped. Through experience we often learn to become very guarded and protective of our hearts and homes. Paradoxically though we often feel obligated to give even more of ourselves into our ministry. We come in all shapes, sizes and giftedness–and you may be surprised to learn:

  • The church is our life. For better or worse it is difficult for this not to be true. We pour all of ourselves into our ministry in the church. Preaching is not simply a vocation–it is essentially our identity. As a result the church becomes our life. We become consumed with its health and growth. Remember that old joke about preachers only working four hours a week? We may force a smile as it is told, but trust me we are…

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The Mystical Union in Christ

            “We won!” yelled the fan from his couch 1000 miles away from the stadium as he finally watched yesterday’s game that he had recorded. He sat there wearing his team colors, but he had never played in his life. How could he say “We won!”? The same way we enjoy the blessings of Christ. … Continue reading The Mystical Union in Christ

Shriveling of the Sacred and the Destruction of Culture

As went the university, so went catechism class. A typical religious education textbook from the post–Vatican II period wouldn’t deny basic Christian teachings like the Resurrection and the Atonement, or specifically Catholic concepts like purgatory and the intercession of the saints—but it would often ignore or minimize them, substituting the language of self-actualization and personal … Continue reading Shriveling of the Sacred and the Destruction of Culture