Homoousios or Homoiousios?: Notes on the Deity of Jesus

  Homoousios or Homoiousios? The same substance or a similar substance? This is the major question that arose in the 4th century and prompted the first Council of Nicea in which Arius defended his view that Jesus was a creature and that there was, therefore, a time when the Son was not. Athanasius, who wrote … Continue reading Homoousios or Homoiousios?: Notes on the Deity of Jesus


Christianity is a taught religion. Therefore, two of our highest priorities are to learn and to teach. The word “disciple” refers to one who is a student and carries with it the expectation that the student will someday become a teacher. The word “disciple” is used around 269 times in the Bible. It is an … Continue reading Teach


Sabellius is remembered as the main protagonist behind sabellian modalism. Sabellian modalism is an ancient heresy which denies the Trinity and advances the doctrine that “Father,” “Son,” and “Spirit” are three different names for the same person or three different roles for the same actor. “In modalism there is one person in the godhead. In … Continue reading MODALISM??

Does Your Bible Talk?

The Bible often describes itself as acting. How is that possible? The Bible, if it is like any other book, is an inanimate object. The Bible can't "foresee" or "speak." But the Bible does say that Scripture does those things. Galatians 3:8 says, “The Scripture, forseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached … Continue reading Does Your Bible Talk?