Christian Perseverance

             Christian, what waits for you? Our goal should be endurance—endure to the end and find your reward. Our own Malcom George has successfully and admirably completed 71 wonderful years of service to God, church, and to the mission laid upon him. What an incredible example! In the New Testament, the Apostle John is perhaps … Continue reading Christian Perseverance

Divine Works of the Incarnate Lord

Was Jesus true God during his incarnation? Kenotic and Neo-Apollinarian Christologies deny the Jesus was true God or that he retained the fullness of divine attributes. If Jesus did not retain the fullness of divine attributes during his incarnation, then he would not be true God at that time. This theory cannot be accepted because … Continue reading Divine Works of the Incarnate Lord

Is God One or Three?

Trinity? Christians worship the one God who exists as three persons. The doctrine of the Trinity is, indeed, a mystery. However, the doctrine is essential. The Scriptures describe the one God who is three persons—Father, Son, and Spirit. These three persons are distinct from each other, but the three persons are also one God. The … Continue reading Is God One or Three?

Fishing Without Jesus

Just after the resurrection, in John 21, Peter said, “I’m going fishing” and the other disciples typically followed him (Jn 21:3). They fished all night and caught nothing.  Darkness and Nothing This isn’t the first time Peter had been out fishing all night and caught nothing. All the way back at the beginning of Jesus’ … Continue reading Fishing Without Jesus