What Will Our “Bodies” Be Like in the Resurrection??

What will o drur resurrection bodies be like? In the resurrection will we resemble our present selves? Many of us may think we will enter eternity as disembodied spirits. This is the way that many of us tend to think of the resurrection body. Charles Hodge described the resurrection body: “It is probable that the … Continue reading What Will Our “Bodies” Be Like in the Resurrection??

Let All the Earth Keep Silence Before Him.

The God of Heaven came down to us. He lived among us. He allowed us to see his glory. He endured our punishment in his own body. He allows us to call on him. He speaks tonus through his Word. God came near. In just a few moments, I plan to preach what happened after … Continue reading Let All the Earth Keep Silence Before Him.


Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defined the word “insight”as, “the power or act of seeing into a situation.” Wise living requires insight. Otherwise suffering will be multiplied. The book of Proverbs is devoted to sharing wisdom or insight for living. In chapter nine of that book we read, “Whoever is simple, let him turn in here!” To him … Continue reading INSIGHT

New Birth & New Beginnings

The new year makes us focus on new beginnings, new opportunities, and new goals. Sometimes the old way just doesn't work anymore. Maybe God has been showing you that it is time for a change. You just can't live that way anymore. This is the background of Nicodemus's life. That's why Jesus told him "you … Continue reading New Birth & New Beginnings