He Loved Us so He Made Us

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com If you have ever worried about your self-worth, remember that God made you and that he made the universe so you could live, flourish, and see his glory so that you could love Him and know you are loved by Him. Our Creator is a personal God. Furthermore, … Continue reading He Loved Us so He Made Us


"There is a God. He is alive. In him we live and we survive" Is there a God?  If there is a God, what is he like? Does he like me?  These are life's greatest questions that we have all asked and will continue to ask. I can't I shine any questions more foundational to … Continue reading Eternity


"Where did God come from?" Have you ever had a 4 year old ask you that question? It is difficult to explain to a child the concept of God's self-existence (God exists without being dependent upon anything). "Where did God come from?" is also a question that atheists put forward as an argument against there … Continue reading WHERE DID GOD COME FROM?