How to Survive a Mediterranean Cruise and Hard Times

St. Paul's Bay is beautiful. Wouldn't it have been something to walk with Paul on the shoreline? But that's not exactly how the story goes. The final segment of the book of Acts records quite a struggle. Paul is arrested for preaching Christ in chapter 21. He then is tried before the Roman tribune, the … Continue reading How to Survive a Mediterranean Cruise and Hard Times

How To Handle Tragedies

No one expected the Boston Marathon to end in tragedy. No one expected the Twin Towers to fall. No one expected the shootings. Unfortunately, tragedy has become a routine part of our experience. Dealing with any tragedy is difficult, but God gives us tools to both endure and overcome tragedies in our lives. We need … Continue reading How To Handle Tragedies

Come, Lord Jesus

Come, Lord Jesus Revelation 22:10-21 You finally schedule a repairman to come to the house. They say they will arrive sometime after 3 today or tomorrow. Which is it going to be? Will they be here tomorrow or the next day? Should I clean the house now, or do I have time to clean later? … Continue reading Come, Lord Jesus

Problems with Premillennialism

Premillennialism is a doctrine that gives attention to events which are supposed to occur before the 1000 year reign of Christ on this physical earth. This doctrine is in conflict with several simple Bible doctrines and therefore cannot be true. This article will point out several of the simple Bible doctrines which are in conflict … Continue reading Problems with Premillennialism