He Loved Us so He Made Us

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com If you have ever worried about your self-worth, remember that God made you and that he made the universe so you could live, flourish, and see his glory so that you could love Him and know you are loved by Him. Our Creator is a personal God. Furthermore, … Continue reading He Loved Us so He Made Us

Jehovah Cares

The headlines have been filled with news of "Obama Care" or the "Affordable Care Act". When asked, 47% approve of "The Affordable Care Act", but only 37% approve of "Obama Care". Whatever you think of the new health care laws, we know that God cares and has implemented the greatest health care plan available. GOD'S … Continue reading Jehovah Cares

The Battle of the Wills

The Battle of the Wills Matthew 23:37-39 Introduction to the Scripture: What will I do today? This question is more important than it may appear, for what you do with your days decides what you will do with your life. There is a marketplace of ideas and paths which will soon shape the result of … Continue reading The Battle of the Wills