Is God One or Three?

Trinity? Christians worship the one God who exists as three persons. The doctrine of the Trinity is, indeed, a mystery. However, the doctrine is essential. The Scriptures describe the one God who is three persons—Father, Son, and Spirit. These three persons are distinct from each other, but the three persons are also one God. The … Continue reading Is God One or Three?

What Is God Like? Classical Theism and Isaiah 46

Most of us try to imagine God. That’s really something we shouldn’t do. The first commandments in the Decalogue are to have no other Gods and not to make any graven image of our God. Why shouldn’t we make any images of God? Perhaps the best reason we shouldn’t make any images of God is … Continue reading What Is God Like? Classical Theism and Isaiah 46


Photo by Pixabay on             How does God have relationships with mankind? All relationships are built around individuals who have some sort of an agreement about what that relationship will look like. As we look to our relationship with God, we understand that there is an understanding of what that relationship should look like … Continue reading Covenants